Approved Training Partners

Our Approved Training Partners (ATPs) are internationally-recognised trainers who train auditors, sites, consultants and retailers within BRC Global Standards requirements and protocol. All our trainers are professional in their fields, and through training and experience are assured in delivering the correct information to sites on the Global Standards. 

The Approved Training Partner scheme was created to enable the BRC Academy to train manufacturing organisations in achieving and maintaining certification against BRC Global Standards

The scheme provides a network of professional trainers who deliver BRC Academy courses around the world, including BRC Global Standards courses and product safety management courses, such as HACCP and risk management.  The scheme has been running successfully for over 12 years and has grown to a network of over 200 ATPs globally.




Courses run by BRC Approved Training Partners (ATPs) use our developed course content which has been written in collaboration with our experts in the  BRC Global Standards technical team and authors of the BRC Global Standards.

Here are some other main benefits of using an Approved Training Partner to deliver your courses:

  • Access to the BRC Global Standards team should they have any queries or questions. This ensures that ATPs are always up to date with the latest developments within the Global Standards, providing manufacturing sites with reassurance that their trainer has the latest information.
  • Your trainer will be highly qualified with many years of experience in your particular sector which ensures all BRC Global Standards ATPs align with the BRC training philosophy they go through a rigorous candidate selection process to ensure BRC Global Standards only recruit skilled and knowledgeable trainers.
  • Choosing to work with a BRC Approved Training Partner will always give your company a validated and reliable option, rather than sourcing unspecified BRC Global Standards  training from another source.