A team of internationally recognised trainers who can deliver BRC Global Standards training courses worldwide.

ABOUT THE Approved training partners SCHEME

The BRC Global Standards Approved Training Partner (ATP) scheme was created to develop a team of internationally recognised trainers who can deliver BRC Global Standards training courses worldwide. We now have an extensive directory of approved BRC Global Standards trainers.

All our trainers are professional individuals with extensive experience in their specific sectors and a thorough understanding of the BRC Global Standards.

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What are the benefits of using a BRC Global Standards Approved Training Partner?

All ATPs work closely with BRC Global Standards and attend various conferences and webinars. So, unlike other trainers, ATPs have the most up-to-date information about the Standards and the BRC Global Standards certification scheme.

They can provide ongoing guidance and training to senior managers and production staff and will help you achieve and maintain your certification.

Trainers go through a rigorous application process and Train the Trainer sessions so you can rest assured their training is of the highest quality.

All the training material is provided by BRC Global Standards and written by the team involved in writing the Standards. So you’ll always have the latest, most relevant information.

Following your training with an ATP, we will continue to send you information about latest publications and webinars or anything that might be useful to you and your business.

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How to become an Approved Training Partner

The scheme is open to individuals and corporations, and all applications are independently reviewed to ensure they meet the rigorous criteria needed for entry to the scheme.

You must be able to demonstrate, through qualifications and work experience in the manufacturing sector you’re applying for, that you meet the criteria specified for each Standard.

Minimum requirements to become a BRC Global Standards Approved Training Partner

As a minimum you will need:

  • A degree or equivalent in a field relevant to the Standard.
  • Successful completion of a registered QMS Lead Auditor course or equivalent.
  • A minimum of five years’ experience in the relevant manufacturing sector.
  • Successful completion of a BRC Global Standards training course on the relevant sector.
  • Evidence of training experience and the provision of two references.
  • Successful completion of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) training based on the principles of Codex Alimentarius, and of at least two days’ duration.

benefits of being a BRC Global Standards Approved Training Partner

As an ATP you will receive the latest training materials from the BRC Global Standards Academy and receive the full support of the BRC Global Standards Technical team. You will also:

  • Have access to the BRC Global Standards knowledge centre and expert forums through a dedicated area on the BRC Global Standards website.
  • Be associated with a certification system that’s recognised around the world.
  • Receive the latest updates about the BRC Global Standards and the overall scheme.
  • Be included in a searchable directory of ATPs allowing potential clients to contact you directly.
  • Have exclusive use of the Approved Training Partner logo which can be used on all your marketing materials.
  • Be recognised by peers and clients as someone with advanced skills and knowledge in your sector.
  • Be invited to the BRC Global Standards annual conferences and enjoy a discount to the BRC Global Standards annual food safety conference.


  ATP fees ATE fees
Initial assessment fee £250 £250 per ATP
Annual membership fee

£1,000 for one BRC Global Standard
£1,500 for two or more BRC Global Standards

Certificate fee** £20 £20

VAT is payable if applicable.
*Fee for up to five ATPs included; £1,000 flat fee per additional ATP.
**Fees are exclusive of certificate fees, which are charged per delegate, per course.

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