Following hot on the heels of our first BRC Global Standards Professional recognition for the Americas and globally, we’re pleased to announce that Ellie Moody, Quality Manager at Van Rees, has become our first BRC Global Standards Professional for the EMEA region.

When Ellie visited our Harp Lane office to complete her final course to achieve recognition, we had a chance to find out more about her and how the programme fits into her career ambitions. 

Ellie Moody, Quality Manager at Van Rees, becomes our first BRC Global Standards Professional for the EMEA region

Why BRC Global Standards Professional?

I joined the BRC Global Standards Professional programme to demonstrate my competence in quality management and give our customers confidence that Van Rees are committed to continual improvement. Through completing this programme, I have developed an invaluable understanding of the principles of quality management.

After completing the Agents and Brokers Issue 1 – Understanding the Requirements for Companies course, I was drawn to the Internal Auditor course as I wanted to see non-conformities from the auditor's point of view, enabling me to better address the issues. I probably wouldn't have taken the component courses had they not been part of the BRC Global Standards Professional recognition programme; however, I have found them extremely beneficial.

How has the recognition programme impacted your work?

My manager, Simon O'Neill, has been incredibly supportive. He has given me time to complete the courses and allowed me days at home to study and write assignments. Our subcontracted blending facility, Vollers, has also been fantastic. They have allowed me to conduct trials and audits in order to facilitate my understanding.

I love learning new things and strongly believe the best project you can work on is yourself! I'm hoping this qualification will open some new doors. It has also given me confidence that I’m good at what I do and capable of growing in my career.

Tell us a little about your career to date.

I joined Van Rees in April 2017 as a Junior Tea Taster/Trader, but quickly assumed a new role as our Quality Manager after being assigned to improve our quality system following a high-profile customer's audit. As part of my role I handle customer complaints; and I’m also responsible for supplier approval which has allowed me to travel to Germany and Holland to visit our subcontracted warehouses and blending facilities.

How do you see your career progressing?

I would like to help Van Rees and our global affiliates to further improve their quality management systems (QMS).

My BRC Global Standards’ Approved Training Partner is Tony Brown and his colourful career has inspired me to think I would like to become an auditor or QMS consultant.

Will you be our first BRC Global Standards Professional for the Asia-Pacific region?

Find out more about the BRC Global Standards Professional recognition programme.

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Our recent webinar presented by Nadia Narine, CEO of Lumar Food Safety Services (as well as auditor, consultant and our Approved Training Partner of the Year for 2017), and John Kukoly, our Americas Director, provides more information on the BRC Global Standards Professional recognition programme. You can now view the webinar on demand.