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Ei Leen has 30 years of experience in the food, beverage, packaging and warehousing industries and is currently President of Simone ACT, LLC.; based in Florida. Ei Leen is an experienced and highly regarded industry consultant by all clients. She has an extensive background in managing quality and food safety systems at the manufacturing facilities such as Anheuser-Busch at corporate & international levels. She has the exceptional ability to provide consulting expertise based upon the technical, managerial and communication skills that she acquired while working in complex, large scale production environments and with employees at all levels of the organization, from operator to CEO. Ei Leen is a certified lead auditor for the BRC Food standard in category 7 (dairy, liquid egg); category 11 (low/high acid in cans/glass); category 12 (beverages); category 13 (alcoholic drinks and fermented/brewed products); category 14 (bakery); category 15 (dried foods and ingredients); category 16 (confectionery) and category 18 (oils and fats). Ei Leen is also a certified lead auditor for the BRC Packaging & Packaging Materials standard in all categories (glass, paper, metal, plastic, wood & other materials). She is a certified HACCP lead auditor who is experienced in providing training as well as working with HACCP team members to design and implementing risk management. She can also provide internal audit and CAPA training as well as working with clients to implement food safety and quality systems that can be sustained through time.