The Global Markets Programme is designed to recognise and encourage the development of food safety systems in small sites where the full requirements of the BRC Global Standard may add less value, and in sites that are still developing food safety management systems. It achieves this by enabling audits against a defined set of requirements of the BRC Global Standard identified as basic level and a further set of requirements at intermediate level.


- Visit the BRC Global Standards website - Obtain a copy of the Global Markets Programme publication and study it 

- Perform a self-assessment gap analysis to find out what is missing or inadequate - Join the voluntary BRC Global Markets programme if required - Assemble and train a team - Obtain consultancy if needed

- Carry out risk assessments - Establish necessary control points - Prepare procedures - Confirm site is capable of meeting BRC requirements - Undertake internal audits

- Select and contact a suitable certification body - Arrange a pre-assessment visit (optional) - Implement any identified corrective actions

- Arrange an audit visit - Make sure staff are available and preparations made - Audit is conducted - Certification body presents audit report and determines whether the site can achieve certification or should enter the BRC Global Markets programme - Carry out corrective action - Continue to meet requirements - Arrange new audit before expiry - Continual development

Download a copy of the steps to certifications to the BRC Global Markets Programme

Benefits of the BRC Global Markets programme

Adoption of the programme leads to a number of benefits to food businesses.

The programme:

  • is aligned with the GFSI Global Markets programme allowing customers to recognise the levels attained (the full BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is GFSI-benchmarked)
  • provides a clearly defined audit and recognition process operated in accordance with the requirements of accreditation
  • uses auditors that meet the same demanding BRC competency requirements as auditors used for the full Standard
  • enables companies achieving basic and intermediate levels to appear in the publicly available part of the BRC Global Standards Directory, allowing recognition of their achievements
  • uses requirements based on the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, enabling the basic and intermediate levels to provide effective stepping stones towards full certification if required by customers
  • requires completion of corrective actions on non-conformity to the Standard before award of recognition at the basic or intermediate level, thus reducing the need for customers to follow up audit reports


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